Everyone is talking about Reverend Jasper Williams Jr., the preacher who gave the eulogy at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. Not surprisingly, most black people hated his eulogy. Why? Truthfully…because he put our dirty laundry in the streets. That’s the only reason I can see why black people would be mad about his speech.

If you missed the speech here is the video…

It’s the same shit we heard when Bill Cosby went on his rant about black people. “Not in front of white folks.” “He shouldn’t have said it publicly.” “He’s talking down to poor blacks.” “He’s blaming the victims.” “That wasn’t the time or the place.” “That’s respectability politics and we’re not with that shit!”

I’ve come to see no matter the time, place, or messenger black people do NOT want to take a hard look in the mirror period. Oprah, Michelle Obama, or even Barack Obama could give this same speech in a small black community center and the reaction would be the same.

In case you haven’t already figured it out I fully agree with the preacher. Let me explain…

I love black people. When I say black people I’m referring to Oprah, Michelle, Barack, and the countless number of black men and black women who are productive law-abiding citizens.

I hate niggas and hoodrats. When I say niggas and hoodrats I’m talking about T.I., Offset, and the countless number of worthless black men and black women who don’t seem to know how to do shit except make babies, go to prison, sell drugs, commit crimes, live up to every negative stereotype, and fuck up whole communities and cities.

This preacher was talking about niggas and hoodrats. He was not talking about black people. And yes, I know whites look at us as one and the same, but we, black folks, know the difference. We know there is a large minority of people who share our skin color who simply ain’t shit.

It’s doesn’t have jack shit to do with white supremacy, their economic condition, or any other excuse we’ve heard non-stop for the last 5 decades. These motherfuckers simply do NOT want to do better. They don’t value education. They don’t typically try to do anything to better their own lives. They stay sleeping around and having unwanted/unplanned children while being un/under-employed and not married. They do not value marriage. They don’t give a shit about their communities, their race, or being productive members of society.

I know plenty of black people who grew up poor or lower middle class, who still made something out of themselves. They get up everyday and go to work because they rather earn a living than steal and kill. I’m one of those people.

My parents didn’t have a lot of money. On top of that, their marriage was unhealthy and a complete failure. I saw their fights and issues growing up. I was able to look at my parents and determine I did NOT want to be like them. So, I don’t want to hear this shit about poverty and white supremacy. The truth is neither one of those things stopped me from wanting something better out of life.

There are black people like me who will look at their parents and say HELL NO….I don’t want to be like them. And then there are black people who will look at their parents and follow right into their footsteps. They repeat the same mistakes as their parents….even after seeing their parents struggle.

The black community is lost. This preacher is right. Black people have lost our soul. I don’t know how anyone being honest with themselves can deny this reality. Rather than sitting around being angry at the messenger why not try to fix it?

As far as I can tell it is to the point where black people don’t even want to be around the niggas and hoodrats. We don’t want to live around them. We don’t want our kids in the same schools as their kids. We avoid living in communities where they are the majority or even a sizeable minority. We ignore their very existence unless we’re forced to acknowledge them. This is what we have today: two separate group of people who share the same skin color, but otherwise don’t know each other.

Can it be fixed? Should it be fixed?

I don’t know, and I can honestly say I don’t care anymore.