Soul food, soul music, and my soulmate…three things I love! At this point, it shouldn’t be a secret that I love soul music, soul food, and Sapphire. There is nothing more beautiful to me than all three coming together like they did on Monday…

Recall, that I planned to give Sapphire the diamond necklace I bought on Monday. I planned to take Sapphire out to dinner, and give her the necklace, but when Monday came around she didn’t feel like going out. So, I decided to cook us a feast.

I don’t eat soul food as much as I would like these days. I’ve been on my healthy steez for the last two and half years. This is partly self-inflicted, but it’s mostly because of my thyroid condition. I’m a healthier person, but I would be lying if I said the cravings for some collard greens, sweet potato pie, and extra crispy fried chicken don’t drive me crazy!

Sapphire is completely on the other side of the spectrum. She is a yoga loving health nut. The only time she eats any type of soul food is when I cook it. Otherwise, it’s organic fruits, veggies, baked meat, and little to no sugar. While she loves my delicious cooking, I’m sure she can do without it.

Anyway, on Monday I decided to make one hell of a soul food feast.

I ended up roasting two hens, smothering some oxtails, and cooking some Cajun rice, collard greens, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and I baked a sweet potato pie. Needless to say, we are still eating leftovers from this meal today (Thursday)!

While cooking our meal I put on Marvin Gaye’s greatest hits. Nothing moves me in the kitchen like some sweet soul music. It’s funny because I think I’ve made Sapphire a soul music lover too. Last week I caught her singing My Girl by The Temptations…

Sapphire said she’s always been a soul music lover, but I made her appreciate it more. I guess this goes without saying because I constantly blast soul music throughout the house. On Monday, while I cooked, I chuckled as I watched her doing a two step to Marvin Gaye’s After The Dance

At one point, I even started dancing with Sapphire. And let me tell you, Sapphire got some moves! I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw her dance. I would have never thought a white Canadian woman could pop and lock so well, but stranger things have happened!

Anyway, once we sat down to eat I gave Sapphire the diamond necklace I bought her.

Sapphire: “This is beautiful! What’s the special occasion?”

Me: “You know what….let me tell you….”

I got up from my seat and started singing…

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May
Well I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl
Talkin’ ’bout my girl

Sapphire: (Smiling)

Me: “Long story short….I love you.”

Sapphire: “I love you too.”

Use your imagination for the rest…