Serena Williams doesn’t owe anyone shit…and neither does any other black woman. Everyone is talking about her outburst at the US Open in which she lost in the finals. The controversy stems from the righteous outrage Serena displayed towards the empire and during the match. If you missed it you can check it out below…

If you’re a fan like me the whole thing was hard to watch. I’ve admired and respected Serena and her sister, Venus, since I was a teenager. That hasn’t changed and it won’t change. She is an impressive woman, and she has always carried herself in an admirable way even with all the opposition she has faced.

Serena doesn’t believe the umpire was being fair to her. She stated that if she were a man and she was showing her emotions she would not have been penalized. I’m tend to agree with this statement. I have seen plenty of “meltdowns” and outburst from whites playing the sport. I have NEVER seen any of them have a point taken away nor have I seen them penalized for their behavior.

The fact is Serena and Venus have been the ONLY stable women (or people period) holding it down for USA tennis for the last twenty years. I can’t even name another American man or woman who has been as dominant in this sport as these two.  And guess what? Whites hate it. They’ve always hated them. They’ve done everything to make them feel unwelcome in the sport.

And since whites haven’t been able to traditionally beat them, or dominate the Williams sisters, they have attacked their looks. I remember when the sisters first made their debut. They were rocking those white beads in their hair, and whites had a problem with the beads. When Venus started her line of women’s tennis outfits whites had a problem with those outfits. When Serena wore the catsuit at the French Open due to health issues whites had a problem with it. After Serena’s outburst here are the images whites created of her…

Racist Whites Racist Whites

These whites who created these caricatures will say it’s “satire.” They will claim blacks (specifically black women) are being “too sensitive.” They will say there is nothing racist or sexist about these images. They will ignore the reality that whites have been degrading the image of black women for centuries. Have you ever seen an image of a famous white woman denigrated in this way? Be honest when you answer this question.

I have wrote about whites and their hateful attitude toward Serena before, and you can read about that HERE. Their reaction to Serena seemingly losing her cool is completely predictable, and it’s not at all surprising. At this point, I’ve come to expect it. While I’m sure there are whites who DO see an issue with the sexism and racism that Serena faces not too many care enough to do more than send out a few tweets.

Then there are African American men, who I’m convinced are the dumbest group of people on the face of the planet. I swear it seems like God created them with everything but a brain. It’s like many of them are incapable of thinking and using common sense even when the shit is slapping them in the face. They are a lost and spineless group of motherfuckers who I have concluded might as well not exist at all because they’ve become walking talking shit stains.

Every sexist racist remark or stereotype about black women put forth by whites and the media is parroted by African American men. If you don’t believe me just listen to them talk. Then pay attention to their actions. If you haven’t picked up on it already you should know I do not care for this group of men. It has nothing to do with race as I don’t have a problem with ALL black men….only African American men.

As far as I’m concerned they have been one of the main things holding black women back from simply being great in this country. If African American women were anchored to a better group of men I’m fairly certain we wouldn’t see half of the shit we see in the black community. I fully support ANY black women who chooses not to date, mate, or marry one of them. If I were straight I wouldn’t fuck with them either.

Serena Williams has never made a single derogatory remark about black men. She has spoken out against violence, police brutality, racism, sexism, and every other ism. She has been an upstanding credit to the black race. She doesn’t do drugs. She doesn’t degrade herself or her community. She gives back to the community. She has done a lot of good for black folks. Yet you would think Serena was Lucifer.


Because Serena had the nerve to marry a rich white man who thought enough of her (and their child) to marry her and establish a nuclear family. She married a man who flies food to her straight from Italy if she is craving it. She married a man who takes out billboards to show her how much he loves her. Damn motherfucking Serena for having the audacity to be anything other than some black man’s babymama or a single mother. Damn her for not succumbing to the culture of degradation that surrounds African American men. What kind of example is she setting for black women and black girls?

This is the dumb way that African American men think.

Also, to be clear African American men didn’t jump on Serena Williams’ bandwagon until she began to shine at her craft and became prominent. Before then they were calling her muscular, ugly, manly etc just like the white boys. They can try to deny this history, but I’m old enough to remember.

African American men take their cues straight from the media. It wasn’t until Serena began to dominate and shine in the media due to her accomplishments that they even started to look her way. This idea that they were the sole men praising her is complete bullshit. The ONLY people I’ve seen supporting the Williams sisters unconditionally from the getgo are black women.

When that Stephon Clark fuckboy was killed by the police and SOME black women decided to say, “Fuck that….we are not protesting for a black man who was anti-black and anti-black woman. Let his Asian chick and his black X-Box protest for him” black men lost it. They tried to shame black women into protesting for the loser because “All black lives should matter….even those who are clearly trash.” And when SOME black women didn’t drink this kool-aid then it became “You dumb black bitches have bought into feminism.”

Here is a black woman who has NEVER put down her race, black men, or anyone else, who is being dogged by certain groups, and certain parts of the media and what is black men’s reaction?

“Man, fuck that hoe. She married a white man. She’s a sellout. She ain’t our problem.”

Again, this is the dumb way that African American men think.

Do you see the hypocrisy and the bullshit? Have you noticed the way they try to force black women to put our race before anything related to our gender? I’ve actually seen this dusty group of idiots say they won’t defend Serena because she should have claimed the treatment she received was due to her race instead of her gender….as if one has to be above the other.

If the Ku Klux Klan wants an effective way to kill off African Americans in this country they need not look any further than African American men. As has been their history, they can never ever see the forest for the gawdamn trees.

Serena Williams doesn’t owe anyone shit. That sister and her sister have paid their dues in spades. They have more money than they’ll ever be able to spend. If they want to voice their concerns about mistreatment, as they perceive it, they have every right to do so. How they choose to do it is their business. If they want to rage against the racism and sexism that’s been slapping them in the face since they hit the scene I say more power to them. They have my full support. No matter what I will always be a fan.

The days of white people and black men telling black women how to act, think, and feel are over. If any member of these groups doesn’t like it they can go straight to hell.