I am opening my blog to guest bloggers!

The reason why I’m doing this is because I’m interested in reading deep personal stories about lesbians. I’m fairly certain many of you are interested in the same thing. After all, isn’t this partly what attracted you to my blog in the first place? My personal story, my personal thoughts, and my personal feelings of love, pain, triumphant, and defeat?

In the coming weeks I will be featuring some guest bloggers. Some of these bloggers will NOT be black. In fact, some will be white. If this bothers you, if you find yourself put off by this idea, do me a favor. Stop reading my blog, unsubscribe from my blog, and move on from my blog.

This is my blog, and if I want to feature blogs from non-black writers I will do so. I am not going to ask permission from anyone to post what the hell I want on my blog. Again, if this idea bothers you move on with your life.

When I post my guests’ blogs I expect you to treat these folks with respect. I’m used to miserable chicks one staring my post for no freaking reason, but I expect my guest to be treated with basic courtesy. It is okay to comment on their blogs as you do mine, but be mindful that it takes a great deal of courage for people to tell their truth. Rather than judge them try to open your minds and encourage them.

Moving on…

I am looking for lesbians of all races and ages who are interested in telling their stories. I’m looking for thought-provoking emotionally driven stories. These stories can be anything from coming of age stories to coming out stories. Your stories don’t have to focus on your sexual orientation. They can be on just about any topic. The only thing that I’m asking is that they be personal (think: personal essay).

I’m particularly interested in the stories of middle-aged black lesbians. In fact, I would like the individuals who wrote the following comments on my survey for middle-aged black lesbians to email me…

Comment number one…

Absolutely. Most people (even in our community) don’t really acknowledge the age group after 40. It’s as if we are now too old and should be discarded somehow. We don’t really have a place in general society. Gay women in media only shine the light on White Butch women or the fun gay friend. And if we are featured, we usually die or disappear after the first season. There hasn’t been a show representing us since The L Word and it wasn’t diverse on there either. And do not count Orange is the New Black. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind watching any of “us” on a visual media. But there is more to us at any age. There is truly a lack of representation across the board. Even on the low budget YouTube series.

Comment number two…

For me it’s more so, a career was my goal. Relationships were the bottom of my priority list. My parents would always say, you should always focus on your career as a priority. Learn to be independent, etc, etc. Career was ingrained in my memory as far back as I can remember growing up. I would see my friends having drama in their relationships and knew I can let that deter me from my goals. Thus, I never dated and wouldn’t even want to date. I had no desire to date or be in a relationship. I can say I’m definitely a “late bloomer” now. I’m almost finished with my goal of becoming a practicing physician. I’ve had an on/off again dating relationship with a woman. But things got complicated and we’re in a limbo state. I’m back to focusing on my career. Back to the question, would I say I’m comfortable with my sexual orientation…No. Being a late bloomer, it’s like I’m a young teenager trying to figure it out.

All other middle-aged black lesbians are welcomed to tell their story as well. I’m genuinely curious about you guys.

Even if you are not a middle-aged black lesbian you are free to write a guest post.

I do have some ground rules. I’m not interested in reading stories about booty calls, sexual relationships, or anything I would consider erotica. This is not to be confused with stories about heartbreak, first love, relationships etc. There is nothing wrong with this, but I’m looking for REAL touching/moving stories about life, love, ups, and downs by lesbians….especially black lesbians.

I’m expecting thoughtful stories about life issues. I want to know your pains, your pleasures, your coming out stories, where you are in your life now, etc. Pour your souls out.

You have the option of posting under a pen name or under whatever name you choose. I know privacy is important and I respect your privacy. How you choose to represent yourself is completely up to you.

If you’re interested in submitting something email me.