Special thanks to Indigo for sharing this video with me. The video makes a case for polyamory. It’s good stuff. Check it out…

For those of you giving me the side-eye for admitting I desire to fuck other women while also being in a relationship….consider this…

Most black women are straight.

A lot of black women are sharing dick.

A lot of black women are being infected with STDs due to lack of honesty in relationships and irresponsible behavior (i.e., fucking raw).

Why? Well, because black men ain’t shit and because they (black women) simply settle for bullshit rather than focusing on finding a quality man…regardless of his race. For some black women, the only men who exist are black men.

We have a situation where black men (and some black women) are jumping from woman to woman and leaving behind single mothers and children.

If in fact people in the black community were honest about the impact this nonsense has on the black community we would see a completely different community.

If folks openly embraced polyamory rather than sneaking around, lying, bed hopping, and cheating do you think we would have so many unhappy fucked up black people? I don’t believe we would. Hell, I think if more people were honest about their desires and intentions we would see some positive changes in the black community.

If people could honestly embrace desiring other people, who are not their significant other, the world would be a better place. There would be no need to sneak around. I’m not sure if STD rates would decrease but I think there would be more transparency about sexual history and ongoing relationships.

Polyamory would eliminate what is taboo (fucking around while supposedly being in a relationship) but ALREADY happening in the black community (cheating, sneaking around, break babies etc). The divorce rate would probably drop significantly.

I don’t expect everyone to agree, but at least acknowledge a bastardized informal non-consensual polyamory already exist in the black community.

On a side note, Caribbean Queen and Sapphire get along fine! In fact, I think they will end up being friends. With that said, I tried another woman (a co-worker) I like today …

Convo 1 Convo 2 Convo 3

Before y’all come for me please note I can have as many girlfriends, sidepieces, or whatever you want to call them as I like.