The world as we know it today is fucked up. We have racist sexist bigot as president. The Supreme Court is now in the hands of conservatives. Fascism has gained steam in Germany, Sweden, Brazil and several other countries. A caravan of migrants are headed for the USA due to the destabilization of their nations in large part thanks to the largest and most powerful terrorist organization in the world: The US government.

White women are walking around wearing shit like, “Trump can grab me by the pussy.” Mass shootings and school shootings have become so common that we don’t even finch when it happens anymore. More and more people are walking around scrapped (myself included) as if we’re living in the wild west!

White people are out here calling the police on black people for random bullshit, shooting up places of worship, mailing bombs, and killing off random strangers because the pretty chick that sits next to them in class won’t date them. White nationalist are marching on college campuses and being met by angry counter protesters.

Dumbass black men are sitting around saying shit like, “Voting doesn’t matter….that’s why I don’t vote” and black women, at least those I know, are finally saying, “Get the fuck out of here you dumbass bastards!

Civility in this country has seemingly gone to hell.

Tell me we aren’t living in a fucked up time!

If someone would have told me years ago that Donald Trump would be president and Bill Cosby would be sitting in prison I would have laughed my ass off. I don’t think anyone would have thought we would be at this point in our history.

A few observations…

  1. These issues have been well hidden and are now boiling to the surface.
  2. White people really do see themselves as victims in this world.
  3. Black people, as always, are asleep at the wheel.
  4. Barack Obama spent 8 years being a spineless simp only to disappear without a peep while the racist ideologies he swore were no longer that bad began boiling to the surface with Trump lighting the match. It’s time to admit Barack Obama was an agent.
  5. White flight has been a blessing for black people. We don’t ever hear about mass shootings in predominately black schools.
  6. Hispanics are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years.
  7. White women are finally getting called out for being white men’s teammates in the quest to uphold white supremacy.
  8. Asian Americans are content to allow themselves to be used as tools in an effort to undermine other minorities.
  9. We’re heading towards another recession.
  10. Trump is going to be elected for a second term because people are sheep and the Democrats don’t have a candidate who can energize the base.

That’s all I got. I guess all we can do is pray. I believe another caravan will soon emerge of Americans leaving the USA.