I know it’s been a minute since I last blogged. A lot has changed in my life, and one day I’ll get around to blogging about those things. However, for this blog I want to write about something that has been on my mind.

When it comes to sex I haven’t always been smart. I haven’t been dumb either. I will never knowingly fuck a bisexual. The women I’ve fucked for the most part (with the exception of two bisexuals who lied to me) have been lesbians. These women have been friends and girlfriends. I have never had sex with a man. I get tested for STDs regularly as part of my gynecological exam.

Still, my behavior when it comes to sex has gone from conservative to casual. There was a time when I wouldn’t even have casual sex (see my old blog). I don’t know what changed. I think I gave into temptation. I love beautiful women, and I love having beautiful women between my legs. I’ve never had an issue attracting women (not accounting for quality) and I think at some point I must have thought to myself why the hell not?

Looking back I regret some of my reckless behavior. There is too much happening in this world to trust anyone with my health and well-being.

What brought about this change?

I came across a book titled, And The Band Played On By Randy Shilts.

The book chronicles the AIDs epidemic from the beginning, and society’s response to it when it was believed to be a homosexual disease. The book is truly eye opening and frightening. The things we become susceptible to once our immune system breaks down is mind-blowing. There were gay men plagued with AIDs who were catching a type of pneumonia that is caused by bird feces, and all kinds of other diseases that are usually found in animals like sheep.

I remember thinking, My god! This is some scary stuff!

Then I started thinking about my own behavior. With that said, I’ve decided to make a change. For now on I plan to be celibate until I meet the one.  Sapphire and I are not together anymore….and that’s a blog for another day. She’s now my best-friend and roommate.

No more polyamory. No more casual sex.

My next sexual partner will be my wife.