Caribbean Queen is no more. She got dismissed several weeks ago. It wasn’t meant to be because after I made a decision to dismiss her I didn’t feel anything. No regrets. No sorrow. Nothing….

This all started on a Saturday when Caribbean Queen invited me to her house for dinner. She volunteered to cook for me and I said yes. I showed up with five assorted colored roses I purchased from a florist, and a bottle of red wine. I wasn’t expecting sex or anything. I just figured we would chill and talk. I think she had the same idea because that’s what we did.

As we sat on her sofa after dinner she started talking to me about her 14-year-old daughter. What came out of her mouth left me disgusted. She went into a full-blown rant about how her daughter was lazy as hell, irresponsible, and too damn childish. At one point, she described her daughter as a “mistake” and admitted she never should have had her.

As her story goes, Caribbean Queen has always known she was gay. She was in love with a childhood friend until her mid-twenties when said friend hurt her by marrying a man and having kids with him. She met another woman, and in the midst of her relationship with this woman decided she wanted to have a child.

It is not clear to me whether or not the woman in question had any type of involvement (I’m leaning towards no) but Caribbean Queen slept with a man (and I think they had a relationship). He wanted to marry Caribbean Queen, but she only wanted him for his sperm. Once he realized he couldn’t have her he abandoned her, their child, and moved to another country.

Meanwhile, things went south for Caribbean Queen and her “girlfriend.” Apparently, she never accepted the child as her own, and the two of them didn’t work out. Again, it’s not clear to me whether or not the girlfriend had anything to do with the decision to bring a child into the picture. If she didn’t I can’t blame her for not being able to accept the child….especially if Caribbean Queen went off and slept with dude against her girlfriend’s wishes or cheated on her with him…

And there I sat listening to Caribbean Queen describe her child as the biggest mistake of her life. When I tried to explain to her that 14-year-old girls go through growing pains, and eventually will grow up, she brushed me off. Caribbean Queen told me she wasn’t like that at fourteen. She stated her daughter looks like her father, and acts like him, which also bothered her.

You all know I already shy away from single mothers. I was willing to give Caribbean Queen the benefit of the doubt because she is beautiful and her child is a teenager. So, to hear Caribbean Queen completely shit on her child with no regard was too damn much for me. Children don’t ask to be here. They deserve to be loved no matter what.

I stopped calling. I stopped texting. I stopped all communication.

It is over. She is dismissed.