Yesterday I watched two lesbian films on Netflix. Both films were love stories. One of them was very good, and one of them sucked. One of them was well developed, and one of them was poorly written and full of sex. Both of them were about white lesbians.

If you go to Netflix right now and do a search for lesbian films the only films that will come up are those featuring white lesbians. There is nothing wrong with this, but as usual black lesbians (and all lesbians of color) are non-existent. There has never been a mainstream feature film about black lesbians. Think about that for a second…

We have seen black gays in a feature film. Moonlight was a very good movie. I enjoyed Moonlight. The characters were well developed. I thought the development of the main character from a boy to a man was brilliant. I was able to sympathize with the character because like him I grew up poor, withdrawn and lonely.

Why haven’t we seen this type of story involving a black lesbian?

Yes, I know about the low-budget shitty Youtube shows. No, I don’t generally support the bullshit because I find most of them stereotypical, poorly written, and lacking in production quality.

There is also the reality that I have no desire to see the stud/fem dynamic play out on film. Unfortunately, for whatever reason this seems to be the ONLY focus in most of the low-budget Youtube shows. The stud/fem dynamic among black lesbians strikes me as that between a black MAN and a black woman.


Because if you look at some (too damn many) studs they incorporate the same hyper-masculinity they see displayed from black men into their own behavior. Call it socialization, but it’s off-putting to me. As far as I’m concerned I might as well be watching a black heterosexual love story.

I don’t care what anybody says I will never desire to watch images of a stud/fem relationship.

I want to see a black fem/fem love story like the well-done white lesbian love story I watched last night on Netflix…

So why hasn’t this story been made featuring black lesbians?

I think there are a number of reasons why, but the main reason is I don’t honestly believe black lesbians would show up for this type of movie. Collectively, we (I’m referring to black lesbians) do not put our coins behind black artist and creators. If it’s not FREE we are not interested. Maybe the general lack of support is why we don’t have quality shit as a community.

Not only would black lesbians not show up for a black lesbian love story, but the black community wouldn’t show up period. Notoriously homophobic, it’s not surprising that the black community would stay home. Moonlight’s main supporters were whites. I faintly remember reading some outraged comments from black men about the movie. They saw the movie as a threat to their masculinity. Maybe they are not alone in feeling this way…

Based on what I’ve seen, heterosexual black women are far more comfortable with gay black men than they are black lesbians. I believe heterosexual black women are far more likely to support a movie or a show about gay black men than they are a movie or show about black lesbians.

This is why I’m apprehensive about throwing my movie behind such a film. The only reason I want to see a black lesbian love story is because I want to see myself on film as a black lesbian. However, I have no desire to go bankrupt doing it. So, until some fearless black woman with money steps up to the plate I guess I will keep asking where are the black lesbian love stories?