I bet you’re wondering why I have the logo for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority as the header image for this blog post. You’ll understand why shortly. This blog is a follow up to the blog I wrote yesterday. I was surprised by the response I received from people on Facebook. It seems I’m not the only black lesbian out here who desires to see an accurate and respectable representation of black lesbians. Here are some of the comments I received on my Facebook page

Facebook Comments

There was one comment that surprised me. It was made by a man and it was eye-opening…

Facebook Commetns 2

It’s good to know I’m not alone.

We are all waiting for a hero. We’re waiting for one rich black lesbian to come along and make the quality entertainment we all want to see. Does such a woman exist? She remains to be seen, and if we’re honest she probably won’t be seen. So, what happens next? I don’t know, but I have a general idea of what could happen…

Back in 1973 black women in Delta Sigma Theta decided they were tired of seeing the negative images of black women in Blaxploitation films. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the genre, Blaxploitation was basically the ass shaking rap music videos of the early 2000’s in which black women were called bitches and hoes by black males.

The genre has a cult following, but if you were to watch one of these films today you will see firsthand how shitty, negative, and repulsive the films were in the way black women were portrayed (it’s not surprising that many rappers like Snoop Dogg cite the genre as influential)…

The black women of Delta Sigma Theta got together, and said they were tired of this shit!

Keep in mind that the sorority is the largest black women’s organization in the world. I’m not sure how many members they had in 1973, but these smart sisters decided to finance the type of empowering movie they wanted to see. The result was a film that the Deltas could be proud of, but it was undermined by a white distributor…

It’s sad their efforts were undermined by whites, but it’s not surprising.

I believe the Deltas have shown us the way. These women didn’t wait for someone else to come along and make a meaningful movie about black women and the black experience. They set out to do it themselves.

Why can’t black lesbians do the same thing?

We as a community should set up some type of organization or corporation to write, produce, and fund our own movies. It should be an organization that is ran as a democracy with an open door policy where members have a say in everything from script to actors….with all profits going back into the organization to fund other movies and projects. Who knows what such an organization could become?!

Maybe this is my next calling in life.

What are your thoughts?