I have a new lady in my life and I couldn’t be happier. As with most of my women, it was completely random. Let me tell you about it…

On Saturday I went to CVS to pick up the medication I was prescribed by my doctor for an ear infection. As I was waiting in line, the lady in front of me began asking me about my hair. I talked to her about my locs and that conversation led to me giving her my number. We’ve been texting and talking every minute of everyday ever since…

She is a beautiful Carmel-skinned black woman with long hair (and it’s all her own….praise the lord!). She is 45 years old (this surprised me because she doesn’t look it) and she doesn’t have any children.

She is from Florida, but she was born in Jamaica (weird that I would meet another 45 year old Jamaican). She has lived in Atlanta since she was ten years old.

Like me, she owns her own townhouse and she lives about 2 miles from me. She is also a nurse. She has been out since she was a teenager, and she’s sure of her sexual orientation. Her name for all future blogs will be Miss Feel Good.

I think I’m in love!

The text message I used as the image for this blog was sent by me to her. I like her and she likes me. She later asked….

Text Message 2

Once again….it’s on!