It’s over between Ms. Feel Good and me. I know you’re probably thinking, “Damn that was quick” but the decision was ultimately mine. Saturday I decided to let go and move on with my life…

The biggest issue we seem to have is our age difference. She is twelve years older than me. This did not bother me, but it bothered her quite a bit. At one point, she threw me in the friendzone and left my ass there until I made a passionate plea to her via text message….

Feel Good 1 Feel Good 2

After this exchange I thought maybe we would get back on track to getting to know each other, but that hasn’t happened. In fact, it seems like we’re stuck in the same spot as we were before. One minute we’re burning hot and the next we’re cold. One minute she seems interested and the next she is pushing me away again.

I can’t take this type of shit. I understand moving slow, but I think she and I have two different definitions of “slow.” Slow to me means getting to know each other, spending time around each other, and seeing what happens from there. Slow to her appears to mean getting to know me one minute and freezing me out the next.

I’m used to women beating down my door….not the other way around.

I’ve never had to beg a woman for her affection, and to be honest, even the thought of doing so makes me sick. It shouldn’t be this way. The way I see it something like this should be as simple as you either want me or you don’t want me. 🙄 And since Ms. Feel Good can’t seem to make up her mind I’ve decided to make it for her.

For now on she’s dead to me.