I’m thinking maybe I need to do some soul-searching. This realization comes from a conversation I had today with a co-worker/friend. It all began innocent enough with me asking her about a fine woman at the job, but then it turned into her telling me about myself…

Soul 1 Soul 2 Soul 3 Soul 5

Long story short…she’s right. I am usually closed off. It’s just my nature. I’m usually aloof, quiet, or shy as hell. I don’t necessarily think these are bad things, but I know they can make me unapproachable. If I had to guess this has probably been my biggest obstacle with women. They have a hard time reading me, and I have a hard time talking to them. The thing that probably even gets their attention is my looks.

I am also guilty as hell of being superficial. I have stared down and fucked some pretty women with big titties and phat asses. There is nothing I find more attractive than a black women who have these characteristics. And truthfully, each and every one of my exes fit this bill except for Sapphire.

So, maybe I should work on overcoming these issues.

I will try.