Something interesting is happening with African Americans in this country. Seemingly out of nowhere African Americans have gained some freaking ethnic pride and I’m here for it.

There is a grassroots movement brewing among African Americans to have a complete and separate official title strictly for us that doesn’t include all other blacks, from all over the world, who come to this country. Some of you might be thinking, “Well damn….doesn’t African American do that?” The short answer is no, but let me explain…

The term “African American,” to my knowledge, was coined by Jesse Jackson to describe the descendants of Black American slaves in America. Up until this point, African Americans were given all kinds of names by WHITES. We have been called “colored” “niggers” “negro” and so forth. So, this was the first time one of us took it upon himself to coin a term for us.

African Americans do not have a country. We do not have a homeland outside of America. We know our ancestors were brought here on a ship from African countries. If you ask us we can’t tell you which one. This is why we don’t call ourselves “Nigerian American” and so forth. All we know is that we are of African descent, and our ancestors were brought to America…..hence the title “African American.”

For decades the title “African American” was sufficient for us, but then we started noticing a few disturbing trends…

Other blacks, from other countries, will bring their asses here, shit on us and our culture, while reaping the benefits of our struggle. I personally have heard some of the most vile nonsense from other groups of blacks about African Americans. I mean shit you would expect to hear from a damn white supremacist is sometimes spouted by these people.

My grandma and them were out here fighting the good fight during Jim Crow so that her children and grandchildren could be FREE and lead a better life than she did here in America. Once Jim Crow fell, the things African Americans fought for were divided up between white women, other minorities, Africans, folks from the Caribbean and so forth. African American themselves were given a foot in the ass.

Even today we see legislation enacted for the benefit of freed black American slaves being used in discrimination suits by transgenders, gays, white people, immigrants etc (referring to the 14th amendment).

Meanwhile, we began to notice that other black groups coming into this country began referring to themselves as African Americans. Mind you, if you ask them about themselves they are quick to tell you they are not African American and do not think or do the things that African Americans do (a cheap shot at us). But then, when it suites them, they quickly fall back and claim to be African Americans.

It’s possible that some of the black people born some place else, and who came here at a young age, or those who were born to black immigrants in America might simply have adopted the term African American. Either way it’s problematic for actual African Americans.

This would only be allowed to fly for so long before African Americans began to resent the encroachment on our title, earned entitlements, schools, culture, and damn near everything else. This brings us to our current point in history…

African Americans want a separate and distinctive title from all other black groups who come to this country. Many of us now want to be called African American Descendants of Slaves (AADOS). I personally favor African American Descendants of Black American Slaves just so there is no question who we are referring to here (keeping in mind the folks in the Caribbean descend from slaves as well).

The intent here is not to throw anyone under the bus. African Americans have always been the most accepting group in this country, and this has been to our detriment. We are the least xenophobic people in this country. Ask us if we can say the same when we travel to predominately black countries.

The goal here is to separate ourselves from ALL others in an effort to make sure we are the ONLY beneficiaries of our protest, boycotting, marching, etc. We’ve been going toe-to-toe with white people in this country for centuries and we’re damn tired of our spoils of war going to people who…

  1. Aren’t apart of the tribe.
  2. Come here of their own free will.
  3. Shit on us when they get here.
  4. Are allowed to have their ethnic group while inserting themselves into ours and taking benefits/entitlements that would otherwise go to African Americans.

What I’m saying in this post will not appeal to all African Americans. Some of us are dumb as hell and want to sing kumbaya with every damn group but our own. I went to war with such an individual on Twitter today…

For those of you who want to scream “We’re all black and we’re in this thing together” while white women, immigrants, other minorities, Africans, folks from the Caribbean bring their asses here, shit on you and your culture, and insert themselves into your ethnic group when they can conveniently ride the wave of Affirmative Action into college and employment consider this reality….

There isn’t a single black country in the world where African Americans can move, claim to be apart of various ethnic groups and reap the benefits of whatever reparations the black people in those countries manage to squeeze from European countries.


To my knowledge, there has only been ONE African nation that has even tried to welcome African Americans back to it and that is Ghana.