It’s been a long time. I know. I needed a break. Life has been a little crazy lately, but mostly in a good way….

I started my new position with the company where I work months ago. I went through training, and now I’m working from home. I still haven’t got used to this arrangement, but I can say so far I like it. I’m making more money than I ever thought I would. That’s largely because I have to work a lot of overtime. But I won’t complain….after all, I do love money.

Mentally, I think I’m flying high. I’m happy, healthy, and successful. I really have everything I have ever wanted.

I have a new lady in my life. We’ve been together for about a month and a half now though I’ve known her for over a year. We met through a mutually friend at a get together at said friend’s house.

She is twenty-seven years old. She’s a slim short sister with long hair. She’s caramel skinned and naturally beautiful. She was born and raised in Virginia. She graduated from the University of Virginia. She’s an officer in the army. For the sake of this blog, and all future blogs, her name on this blog will be Lieutenant.

Lieutenant and I started off as just friends (though apparently she was giving me all kinds of vibes that she liked me). In fact, she likes to say I was overlooking her when in reality I never knew she liked me. I just thought we were super cool friends. Yes, I was attracted to her, but for the sake of keeping our friendship cool I didn’t want to cross that line.

So, she ended up crossing it for me.

It happened one night while we were netflixing and chilling at my house. While we were watching a documentary about Sam Cooke I decided to lay down, and stretch out on my couch. Well this must have been inviting to her because she took the opportunity to climb on top of me.

Lieutenant: (Staring me in the eyes) “I like you. I don’t know why you keep overlooking me, but I really do like you.”

Before I could say a word she kissed me….

And I kissed her back.

I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.

After that she became my girl.

I’m happy.