About me: My name is Lezintellect. This blog is my personal diary. I started it in 2009 when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Since then it has grown into a blog of rants and social commentary. Fortunately, my audience has grown with this blog and with me.

If you’re new to this blog here is what you need to know about me (these are subject to change)…

Likes: Black women with natural hair, childless black women, red sports cars, King Louie (weed), money, Spelman College, pussy, books, writing, reading, seafood, improving myself, blogging, black women who are comfortable in their own skin, and women who know how to handle their finances.

Dislikes: Women who come with a ready-made family, confused women, weaved down women, transgender rights advocates who seek to co-op women’s spaces, the mindset of African American men, shit that’s been happening in the black community for decades, white supremacy, and willful ignorance.

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